Saturday, 30 April 2016


Sam Gopal - Escalator - STABLE - 1969

01 - Cold Embrace
02 - The Dark Lord
03 - The Sky Is Burning
04 - You're Alone Now
05 - Grass
06 - It's Only Love
07 - Escalator
08 - Angry Faces
09 - Midsummer Nights Dream
10 - Season Of The Witch
11 - Yesterlove

Bonus Tracks:
12 - Horse (A-side STABLE STA 5602)
13 - Back Door Man (B-side STABLE STA 5602)

Sam Gopal was a British underground psychedelic band that featured Lemmy (billed as Ian Willis) on lead guitar and vocals. The band were unique in that instead of traditional drums they had a tabla, played by Sam Gopal who the band was named after. Only this album, one single and a very rare EP were released before they spilt up. Lemmy then went one to form very the short lived Opal Butterfly before joining Hawkwind.

The tabla gives the the album an Eastern flavour but the dark lyrics of many of the songs (mostly penned by Lemmy) give it a very 'heavy' feel. It also contains a very good version of Donovan's 'Season Of The Witch'. Listen to the full album on Spotify here and enjoy the promo video for 'Sky Is Burning' below......

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