Saturday, 30 April 2016

"Live" Full House

The J. Geils Band - "Live" Full House - ATLANTIC - 1972


01 - First I Look At The Purse
02 - Homework
03 - Pack Fair And Square
04 - Whammer Jammer
05 - Hard Drivin' Man
06 - Serves You Right To Suffer
07 - Cruisin' For A Love
08 - Lookin' For A Love

If ever a party was captured on an album this is it, the J. Geils Band's first live album. Starting with a storming cover of the Contours' ode to gold digging, 'First I Look At The Purse', they blast through a mix of covers and originals hardly pausing for breath. The only criticism of this album is that it's too short. If ever an album needed a deluxe reissue of the full concert, this one does.

Listen to the album on Spotify here, or the YouTube video below and crank up the volume....

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