Thursday, 16 June 2016

Boss Soul

Various Artists - Boss Soul: The Genius Of Barry White

01 - I Don't Need It - Barry White
02 - A Man Ain't Nothin' - Barry White
03 - I Got Love - Viola Wills
04 - Lost Without The Love Of My Guy - Viola Wills
05 - This Thing Called Love - Johnny Wyatt
06 - To Whom It May Concern - Johnny Wyatt
07 - Together Forever - Viola Wills
08 - Don't Kiss Me Hello - Viola Wills
09 - It May Be Winter Outside - Felice Taylor
10 - Everybody's Going Mod - Johnny Wyatt
11 - I Feel Love Coming On - Felice Taylor
12 - You're Out Of My Mind - Viola Wills
13 - Under The Influence Of Love - Felice Taylor
14 - All In The Run Of The Day - Barry White
15 - Don't Take Your Love From Me - Barry White
16 - Love Theme - Barry White

Before Barry White became disco's 'Walrus of Love' he had a varied career. He played piano on Jesse Belvin's 'Goodnight My Love' at age 11 and sang with various vocal groups in the Los Angeles area. He also had a career outside of the law and was jailed for four months at age 16 for stealing $30,000 worth of Cadillac tyres. In 1966 he was hired by Bob Keane of Del-Fi Records as a songwriter/producer/artist for his Bronco, Mustang and Downey subsidiaries, for the princely sum of $40 a week. This album collects the best of his work for Del-Fi and all the songs are written by him. As an artist he released singles under his own name and the name Lee Barry. His first big success was with Viola Wills's 'Lost Without The Love Of My Guy/I Got Love' which got into the R&B Top 20 and pushed his wages up to $60 a week. But it was another female singer that Barry had the most success with, Felice Taylor. Her popularity, particularly in Britain, reputedly caused Barry's wages to rise to $600 a week.

Del-Fi ceased trading in 1967 and Barry went on to bigger things, but many of the singles that Barry had a hand in for Del-Fi are now soul and northern soul classics. Here's three of my favourites; Lee Barry 'I Don't Need It', Viola Wills 'I Got Love' and Felice Taylor performing 'I Feel Love Coming On' on Germany's Beat Club.....

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