Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Muddy Waters EP

Muddy Waters - Muddy Waters EP

Side A
You Shook Me
Little Brown Bird

Side B
You Need Love
Muddy Waters Twist

This is a very influential EP. Recorded in 1962 and released in the UK in 1963 it features two tracks that would go on to shape rock music for generations to come. With the exception of 'Muddy Waters Twist', Muddy's voice was overdubbed on to instrumental tracks already recorded by Earl Hooker. The A-side contains two slow blues numbers while the B-side contains two upbeat numbers. It is the first track on each side that are the influential and most covered ones. Both of these songs were written by the bass player/producer/songwriter genius Willie Dixon.

'You Shook Me' was famously covered by both Led Zeppelin and the Jeff Beck Group. Jeff Beck recorded it in 1968 for the 'Truth' album and Led Zeppelin recorded it for their debut album in 1969. Both versions are very similar and have lead to accusations that Led Zeppelin 'stole' the idea from Jeff Beck. No one seems to worry about the similarity to the original though!

It is 'You Need Love' that is the most famous track here though. It was covered by the Small Faces on their debut album for Decca in 1966 as 'You Need Loving' and was (and still is!) credited to Marriott/Lane no mention of Willie Dixon at all. Then in 1969 Led Zeppelin recorded it as 'Whole Lotta Love', again with no mention of Willie Dixon in the credits. Admittedly the music on both covers, especially Zeppelin's, is quite different to Muddy's original but the lyrics aren't. Subsequently, in 1985, Led Zeppelin have settled out of court with Willie Dixon and he now appears in the credits. So far the Small Faces seem to have got away with it.

Here's all the tracks of the EP in their original running order. If they inspire you to 'borrow' them to create a rock anthem don't forget to give credit to the original authors......

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