Monday, 27 June 2016

Work Song

Nat Adderley - Work Song
Originally Released By RIVERSIDE Records in 1960

01 - Work Song
02 - Pretty Memory
03 - I've Got A Crush On You
04 - Mean To Me
05 - Fallout
06 - Sack Of Woe
07 - My Heart Stood Still
08 - Violets For Furs
09 - Scrambled Eggs

Nat Adderley - Cornet
Wes Montgomery - Guitar
Bobby Timmons - Piano
Sam Jones - Bass, Cello
Keter Betts - Bass, Cello
Percy Heath - Bass
Louis Hayes - Drums

Nat Adderley's career is often overshadowed by his brother Julian 'Cannonball' Adderley whose side man he was for many years. But the cornet player made many fine albums of his own and this, in my opinion, is his finest. Recorded in January 1960 this hard bop album is a classic with a very distinctive sound. On many of the tracks a pizzicato cello is to the fore along with the cornet creating a sound that I've certainly never come across before or since (if there are others, let me know I need to hear them).

As well as a distinctive sound the album contains the first outings of two tracks that would go on to be jazz standards, 'Work Song' and ''Sack Of Woe'. 'Work Song', written by Nat, has been covered by an incredible amount of artists including Cannonball Adderley and lyrics were added by Oscar Brown Jr. (posts on him to come) later in 1960. Nat has described 'Work Song' as his retirement song. 'Sack Of Woe' or 'Sack O' Woe' was written by Cannonball Adderley and again has been covered by numerous artists and not just in the jazz field but soul and rock too. Lyrics were added in 1963 by master vocalist Jon Hendricks (posts on him to come). The rest of the tracks on the album are a mix of uptempo numbers and ballads that really work well together and stand many, many listens, a true classic.

Here are my favourite tracks from the album; 'Work Song', 'Mean To Me' featuring some amazing guitar work by Wes Montgomery and 'Sack Of Woe', and if that's not enough (and it shouldn't be) the whole album can be heard here on Spotify. Enjoy......

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