Monday, 6 June 2016

The Rolling Drunks

The Rolling Drunks - Rolling Drunks

Side A
Snake Woman Walk
Hot And Sticky
Don't Tell Your Pa
Hot Fruit Baby
Hot Hot And Ready For Love
Rollin' And A Tumblin'
Messing With The Kid
Midnight Rambler (Live)

Side B

In the late 80's and early 90's The Rolling Drunks were legendary in the Bournemouth & Poole area, filling venues to capacity and beyond. Their brand of high octane blues and R&B never failed to win audiences over. In fact they were so popular that if you didn't arrive early to gigs, you often couldn't get in. I remember arriving a bit late for a gig at The Winston Churchill in Wimborne and not being able to park within walking distance of the place! Recently they have reformed and play occasional gigs around the area. Unfortunately, I missed their come back gig in 2013 and then got ill soon after so I haven't been able to see them this time round, but if they come to a town near you go and see them you won't regret it.

This cassette I bought at one of their gigs (Mr.C's I think) around 1989 or 90 and I've played it to death. I'm surprised it still works considering it lived in my car for years, but it does and it's still great. Seven of the eight tracks are studio versions of their songs they played live at the time, you can hear six of them here along with a bonus one from somewhere else.

Check out their Facebook page here for more info, videos and upcoming gigs. But meanwhile, here's a reminder of (or an introduction to) how good they were live as they perform 'Midnight Rambler' at The Malt & Hops, Bournemouth Christmas 1989 ..... (unfortunately, the video doesn't work on iPads etc, if you want to see it look on a PC, sorry).....

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