Monday, 6 June 2016

Get Smarter

Various Artists - Get Smarter - GUMBUBBLE 001 - 2002

Side A
Isbergues 2AM - Tony & The Mulestation - France - LISTEN
Freakout! - Les Merseys - Canada - LISTEN
Le Winston - The Nilsmen - Sweden - LISTEN
Baseline - The Beatstalkers - UK - LISTEN
I Was A Persian Fly - Jerry Allen - UK - LISTEN
Slightly - Slam Creepers - Sweden
Selppin' - David - UK - LISTEN
What D'I Say - The V-Rangers - Australia
Here Comes The Boot - The Johnny Harris Orchestra - UK - LISTEN

Side B
Underworld - The Reg Guest Syndicate - UK - LISTEN
Black Olives - The Bad Boys - US - LISTEN
Night Rider - The John Schroder Orchestra - UK
Arcipelago - The Underground Set - UK - LISTEN
Come On Back - The Wild Ones - US
Sweet Bacon - Julian Covey & The Machine - UK - LISTEN
Pepsi - The Mohawks - UK - LISTEN
Watermelon Man - The Artie Scott Orchestra - UK - LISTEN
Pinball - The Van Doren Hawksworth Collection - UK - LISTEN

One of the great things about being a dealer at record fairs (apart from coming home with more albums than you took with you), was that occasionally someone would sidle up to the stall and ask "are you interested in this record I made?". This album in one of those records, 'Get Smarter', a collection of groovy 1960's instrumentals from around the world. Every track on this album is great, so I've put a link next to all the tracks I could find on YouTube, I couldn't choose just a couple. Expect fuzz guitars, groovy organs and bongos aplenty, each track upbeat and dance floor friendly. Guaranteed to get the stubbornest of feet tapping.

Needless to say I bought a few copies and am glad that I kept one as they sold out very quickly. The guy who put it together said he had plans to do a series of them all with titles based on Michael Caine movies (Get Smarter = Get Carter), the next one was going to be called the 'Hipcress Files'. Alas it was not to be, and as far as I know this was the only release on Gumbubble Records.

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