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Dangerous Doo-Wop

Various Artists - Dangerous Doo-Wop - DDW 801

Side A
King Odom 4 - All Of Me - LISTEN
Flairs - My Hearts Crying - LISTEN
Crowns - Hey Pretty Baby - LISTEN
Chords - Sh-boom - LISTEN
Robins - White Cliffs Of Dover - LISTEN
Larks - Lucy Brown - LISTEN
Eldoradoes - Go Little Susie - LISTEN
Artie Wilkins - Darling Patricia - LISTEN
Velvet Angels - I'm In Love - LISTEN

Side B
Bachelors - Baby - LISTEN
El Tones - Lovin' With A Beat - LISTEN
Flairs - Love Me Girl - LISTEN
Hearts - Girl Around The Corner - LISTEN
Poets - Vowels Of Love - LISTEN
Blisters - Shortnin' Bread - LISTEN
Del Chords - Say That You Love Me - LISTEN
Monograms - My Baby Dearest Darling - LISTEN
Flamingos - Let's Make Up - LISTEN

This is volume one of this amazing series (4 LPs) that feature some of the best doo-wop to be found. No filler in this album, every track is great and to prove it there's a link to a YouTube clip next to each track listed above. Being a bootleg however, there is no information on any of the tracks and in fact not all of the artists or tracks are listed correctly. I've done some research and compiled a very brief history of the groups and tracks listed.

The King Odom Quartet from New York formed in 1947 and recorded under a variety of variations of their name until 1953. 'All Of Me' was recorded for the Derby label in 1950 as the King Odom Four.

The Flairs were the in-house vocal group for the Bihari brothers' Flair label of Los Angeles. They recorded under many names and had within their ranks Richard 'Louie Louie' Berry and Young Jessie. Both tracks included here were released in 1954, 'My Heart's Crying' was released as the Chimes and 'Love Me Girl' as the Flairs.

Arthur Lee Maye had a dual career, not only was he a singer he was also a professional baseball player. 'Hey Little Girl' was recorded in 1957 with the Crowns for the Bihari brothers' RPM label.

'Sh-boom' is probably the most famous song on this compilation. Recorded by the Chords in 1954 for Atlantic subsidiary Cat, the record was quickly covered by the clean-cut white vocal group the Crew Cuts who had a big pop hit with it. This is the best version.

The prolific Robins hailed from Los Angeles, their best known recordings were made for Savoy and Spark Records. This fantastic, upbeat version of 'White Cliffs Of Dover' was recorded in 1961 for Lavender Records and was one of their last releases.

Recorded for The Apollo label of New York in 1951, 'Miss Lucy Brown' was originally recorded as 'Suntan Brown Baby' by the Norfolk Jazz Quartet in 1938. The Larks got national exposure for the song, singing it on the Perry Como TV show.

The Eldoradoes are the El Dorados of  'At My Front Door' fame but with a different lead singer. 'Go Little Susie' was recorded by Those Four Eldoradoes for the Academy label in 1958.

Artie Wilkins and the Palms from Chicago released only three singles. The excellent 'Darling Patricia' was their first, released on the States label in 1956.

'I'm In Love' by the Velvet Angels is the only acappella song on this album. The Velvet Angels were the Diablos of Detroit moonlighting from Fortune Records. 'I'm In Love' was released in 1963 on the Medieval label.

Dean Barlow and the Bachelors recorded only two singles for the New York label Earl in 1956. 'Baby' was their second and last release.

The El Tones are the possibly only white vocal group on this album. Formed in Brooklyn, 'Lovin' With A Beat' was the B side of their only single 'Like Mattie', released on the Cub label in 1958. A little bit more about the El Tones can be found here.

Lee Andrews and the Hearts are probably best remembered for 'Long Lonely Nights' on Chess from 1957. 'Girl Around The Corner' is the B side to their follow up single 'Tear Drops' and features Thomas 'Butch' Curry on lead.

The Poets were from L.A. and featured, future jazz vibraphonist, Roy Ayers in their line up. Released in 1958 on the Flash label, 'Vowels Of Love' is the B side to their only single, the Halloween themed 'Dead'.

'Shortnin' Bread' released in 1963 on Liberty may be the only release by the Blisters, no other info can be found.

The Del Chords' 'Say That You Love Me' is the B side to 'Help Me' which was issued by Louisiana label Jin in 1960. I can't find anything out about the group.

The Monograms from Indianapolis only released one single under that name, and one as the Turbans. 'My Baby Dearest Darling' was the B side of 'Please Baby Please' released on the Saga label in 1957.

The Flamingos are easily the most famous and prolific group on this album and surely need no introduction, even if doo-wop is not your bag you will know 'I Only Have Eyes For You'. 'Let's Make Up' is the B side of 'The Ladder Of Love' released by Decca in 1957.


  1. So sorry to hear that you can no longer listen to your music without pain but so glad that your "wifey" gave you a mention on her blog which led me down the line to here.
    Good luck with the blog, a great record of the type of music you love and I hope that you get lots of followers as time goes on and people are made aware of your blog.
    Hugs, Neet


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