Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Rocky Roberts And The Airedales

Rocky Roberts & Les Airedales - Monkey, Bird & Riviera - 1964
BARCLAY Records 80233 S

Side A
T. Bird (Bird)
I'll Take Care Of You (Blues)
Looking For A Love (Bird)
Non Ho L'Eta (Yes Yes My Love) (Slow)
I Got Money (Monkey)

Side B
Monkey A Valbonne (Monkey)
My Tears (Bird)
Somebody Mentioned Your Name (Slow)
Mov' On (Monkey)
Shout PT 1 (Monkey)
Shout PT 2 (Bird)

After leaving the US Navy, Rocky (Charles) Roberts decided to settle in Europe to be a singer with his band the Airedales. Clad in sharp suits and shades, with all the latest dance moves they became an instant success. Their brand of high energy R&B and soul cover were very popular in Europe, particularly Italy where Rocky went on to have solo hits. In fact their sound is not dissimilar to the live albums of another US ex-serviceman, Geno Washington. This album, recorded live in person at Club du Valbonne in the south of France, is typical of their output and is great. Handily they note the dance required for each song (which I've replicated above) so you don't end up looking a fool at your local disco.

Here's Rocky and the boys performing 'T. Bird' in 1966.......

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