Wednesday, 11 May 2016

El Rey Del Boogaloo!

Pete Rodriguez - El Rey Del Boogaloo!

01 - Guagaloo
02 - Like It (I Like That)
03 - El Hueso
04 - Pete's Madness
05 - Micaela
06 - Get Together
07 - Soy El Rey
08 - Oh, That's Nice
09 - Si Quieres Bailar
10 - Asi, Asi
11 - Boringuen (El Cuini Tiene Bandera)
12 - People Want To Know
13 - Here Come The Judge
14 - Me?

Pianist, band leader, arranger and composer, Pete Rodriguez is considered by many to be the 'King of Boogaloo'. Originating in New York, boogaloo is the fusion of R&B, soul and Latin music creating an incredibly infectious dance music. The tracks on this album were recorded for Alegre records between 1966 and 1969 at the peak of boogaloo popularity and every one of them will get your toes tapping. Surprisingly for the 'King of Boogaloo' there's not a lot of information available about him aside from being born in the Bronx in 1932 and recording several albums in the mid to late 1960's. But that's OK because it's the music that counts and the music is fantastic.

Here's Pete's most popular tune 'Like It (I Like That)' and 'Oh, That's Nice'. Just try and keep still.....

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