Monday, 23 May 2016

Voodoo Session

Tubby Hayes - Voodoo Session - TRUNK Records TTT005

Side A

Side B
Give Me Love (Kenny Lynch vocals)
Bailey's Blues

This is something special, Tubby Hayes' previously unreleased music to low budget British horror flick, Dr Terror's House Of Horror. Released by Trunk Records, only 666 of theses EPs were pressed, this is 219. The music as you would expect is superb, and there are comprehensive notes by Tubby expert Simon Spillett (who's no slouch on the sax himself). The music was recorded at Shepperton Studios in 1964 and features Shake Keane on trumpet, not Roy Castle as the film would have you believe.

I came to own this record by complete coincidence. I watched the film for the first time and was very excited to see the Tubby Hayes Quintet, the Radio Times hadn't mentioned it so it was an unexpected treat. I set about seeing if this music had been released, I didn't have the internet then so all I could find out was that the Rare Record Price Guide listed one very expensive single credited to Roy Castle. The following Saturday I went to my local record shop and while paying for that week's selection of albums, I saw this EP in the back room behind the counter. I asked to see it and was amazed to find that it was the music to the film I'd watched a couple of days earlier! Obviously my next question was "can I buy it?". The girl who worked there on Saturdays had ordered it for herself but said she would order another but I couldn't have it yet as it wasn't released until that Monday. They put it by for me, and I shot down there on a slightly extended lunch break that Monday to pick it up. I spent the rest of the day counting the minutes until I could go home and play it.

As I mentioned earlier the music is superb although my, now sadly departed, cat would disagree. Over the years he heard a lot of music, probably more than most cats, and he never really expressed an opinion either way about any of it. That is until he heard Tubby's 'Voodoo'. When Tubby makes his flute 'roar' it would cause his ears to flatten back and he would run from the room as fast as his legs would carry him!

Here is 'Voodoo' (cats may wish to leave the room) and a clip from the film featuring Kenny Lynch singing 'Give Me Love', enjoy.......

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