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Magic Sam (1937-1969)

Magic Sam - Magic Sam (1937-1969) - 1969
BLUE HORIZON - 7-63223

Side A
Everything Gonna Be Alright
Look Watcha Done
All My Whole Life
Love Me With A Feeling
All Your Love
Call Me If You Need Me (Shakey Jake)

Side B
Roll Your Money Maker (Shakey Jake)
Easy Baby
Magic Rocker
Love Me This Way
21 Days In Jail
All Night Long

Magic Sam Maghett was born in Granada, Mississippi in 1937 and moved to Chicago in 1950 where he developed a serious interest in the blues. Encouraged by his uncle Shakey Jake and Sunnyland Slim he bought a guitar and began to develop his own style. By 1956 he was a professional bluesman and had built up a solid reputation on Chicago's West Side leading to a contract with Cobra records. This album, released shortly after his death in 1969, contains all four of the singles released on Cobra, along with two unissued sides and two tracks released on Cobra's subsidiary label Artistic by Shakey Jake, which feature Magic Sam on guitar. Interestingly, just as Muddy Waters had 'borrowed' Ann Cole's 'Got my Mojo Working', Sam 'borrowed' her 'Easy, Easy Baby' for his 'Easy Baby' (a post on Ann Cole to follow).  The first single 'All Your Love' was a regional hit and it seemed Sam's career was under way.

Unfortunately Sam was drafted into the army in 1959 and although he only stayed in for seven months it seriously damaged his career. By the time he came out of the army Cobra records had shut down and the music scene had moved on. He signed with Chief and Crash records but his subsequent singles did not do well and Sam returned to playing the West Side clubs until he signed a deal with Delmark records in 1966 and his career took off again, only to be cut short by his tragic death from a heart attack in 1969, aged 32.

I will post more about Magic Sam's post Cobra recordings in the future. In the mean time enjoy 'All Your Love', 'Easy Baby' and Shakey Jake's 'Roll Your Money Maker'......

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