Thursday, 5 May 2016

Their Satanic Majesties Request

The Rolling Stones - Their Satanic Majesties Request - 1967

01 - Sing This All Together
02 - Citadel
03 - In Another Land
04 - 2000 Man
05 - Sing This All Together (See What Happens)
06 - She's A Rainbow
07 - The Lantern
08 - Gomper
09 - 2000 Light Years From Home
10 - On With The Show

If ever there was an underrated album this is it. For some reason this album is almost universally considered the Rolling Stones misguided venture into psychedelia and best forgotten about. Even Keith Richards in his autobiography dismisses it. As much as I hate to disagree with Keith, the album's detractors are wrong this is a great album far better than a lot of it's contemporaries, Sgt. Pepper's included. It's long been one of my favourites and when DJing psychedelic nights I always took it along and played 'Citadel' and '2000 Light Years From Home' and they never emptied a dance floor. Rather than being an album cashing in on the latest fad, this is the Stones bending psychedelia to suit their style. If you remove the studio trickery (not that there's much) it's not that different from anything else they were releasing at the time, which are considered classics. I would go so far as to say that '2000 Light Years From Home' is one of the best songs they ever wrote.

So it's time to ignore any preconceptions and give this album another listen and the credit it's due. Listened to it on Spotify here, play loud!

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