Thursday, 19 May 2016

Sun Song

Sun Ra - Sun Song - DELMARK Records DD-411
Originally released as Jazz By Sun Ra by TRANSITION Records - 1957

01 - Brainville
02 - Call For All Demons
03 - Transition
04 - Possession
05 - Street Named Hell
06 - Lullaby For Realville
07 - Future
08 - Swing A Little Taste (bonus track)
09 - New Horizons
10 - Fall Off The Log
11 - Sun Song

This is Sun Ra's very first album. Recorded in July, 1956 at Universal Studios, Chicago by an eleven piece Arkestra, it was originally released in 1957 by Transition Records with an extensive booklet. The booklet of Sun Ra's poetry, philosophy and notes on the tracks along with photos of Sun Ra and the Arkestra has been reproduced in the CD booklet. Sun Ra says "music paints pictures that only the mind's eye can see" and indeed his music does take you to other world. The music itself is largely rooted in big band swing with a bit of exotica thrown in the mix but it is so much more than that. There are no jolting 'space chords' on this album and the music is not really 'out there' yet but it definitely contains something 'other'. The music mesmerises you and takes you on a journey away from the world you're living in. When I bought this album I couldn't stop playing it and had to force myself to stop so that I could listen to the other albums I'd purchased that week. Very few albums have that much of an effect. I think Sun Ra sums this up very well in the booklet with his poem 'Enticement'.....

Imagination is a magic carpet
Upon which we may soar
To distant lands and climes;
And even go beyond the moon to any planet in the sky.
If we are here, why can't we be there?
Imagination is a living moving thought
Which seeks to be and do,
Forever pioneering like an eternal vehicle of joy.
I cordially entice you, I diligently tempt you:
Step upon my magic carpet of sound,
And share my adventures
On the land of pleasure Hi Fi....!

You can listen to the whole of the original album on Spotify here, or just dip your toe in with 'Brainville', 'Call For All Demons' and the sublime 'Sun Song' below.....

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